Twenty-six-year-old Laine Sanchez has worked as a housekeeper at the Croasdaile Village Retirement Community in Durham, NC since January 2015. Laine started working at Croasdaile Village after taking time off work due to a miscarriage. Laine works to help pay rent with her boyfriend.

Laine carefully cleans an old photograph of two Croasdaile residents.

Laine examines perfume at a makeup counter in Macy’s. Makeup is one of Laine’s hobbies that she enjoys when she’s not working.

Laine practices her hair techniques at a mall hair salon in Durham. As a sexual assault survivor, Laine’s dream is to open her own “Girl’s Club” hair and nail salon to provide a safe place for women to gather and empower each other.

Laine and her boyfriend, James, shop for Christmas ornaments for their first Christmas tree together in their new house in Burlington, NC. James helped Laine get her job at Croasdaile last year.

Laine and James enjoy an evening dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings after a long day of Christmas shopping.

Laine cleans the toilet in a Croasdaile resident’s bathroom.

Laine vaccums the guest room in one of the Croasdaile resident’s homes. Laine cleans the same house every Friday afternoon before finishing the work week.  

Finished with her work for the week, Laine heads home to enjoy her glamour-filled weekend of hair, makeup, and nails.